Commercialisation proposal – hulless
barley variety ‘Kornelija’

The hulless barley variety ‘Kornelija’ is offered for commercialisation. The hulless barley variety ‘Kornelija’ was developed at Stende Research Centre, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Latvia. Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics holds the plant breeder’s rights (PBR) in respect of the hulless barley variety ‘Kornelija’: since 2014 the PBR has been granted in Latvia and Estonia, since 2019 – in Lithuania, and since 2020 – in the entire European Union, as well as in the United Kingdom. By Decision No. EU55819 of the Community Plant Variety Office of June 15, 2020, the community plant variety right (plant breeder’s rights) has been granted within the area of the EU (Community) for a period expiring on December 31, 2045. This protection of PBR also applies to the United Kingdom.

Since 2014 the ‘Kornelija’ is included in the Latvian Catalogue of Plant Varieties (Official Variety List) and, accordingly, in the EU common catalogues of varieties of agricultural plant and vegetable species. This makes possible to certify, propagate and market seed material of ‘Kornelija’ in all EU Member States.

‘Kornelija’ is a medium-intensive spring cereal variety with a yield of 5.5 t/ha under conventional farming conditions and up to 3 t/ha under organic farming conditions. Productivity of the variety is very early – its growing season is about 85 days, which is significantly less than other barley varieties. Grains of the “Kornelija” variety possess a unique chemical composition and an excellent dietary value, they are a high source of protein and beta-glucans.