Commercial application of hulless barley variety has been initiated within framework of the project “Hulless barley variety Kornelija – high-quality whole grain raw material for development of niche and functional products”. The project was developed by specialists of the Institute of Agrarian Resources and Economics and supported by  Investment and Development Agency  of Latvia.

Aim of the project is to optimize the grain processing technologies of the hulless barley variety Kornelija with specific focus on seed growing and grain processing, to reinforce intellectual property rights and to generate demand traction, in order to introduce the variety as a high-quality raw material of wheat into priority niche and functional product markets. Implementation of the project has been envisioned until 31.12.2020. Read more

Project team

The project has been developed and is being implemented by a team of experts:

Māra Bleidere

Project leader

Author of the Kornelija variety, head of the field testing activities, scientific supervisor of the project


Andris Lismanis

B2B team leader

Public relations and cooperation with seed growers, food  industry and agriculture companies.


Ieva Leimane


Analytical compilation of research and experimental results for commercialization purposes


Alberts Auziņš

Expert of economics

Registration of the breeder’s rights in Kornelija’s target markets (Europe and North America), ensuring protection of the variety.


Andra Ūdre

PR Expert

Communication with media, informing the public about the hulless barley variety Kornelija and about the project activities


Vita Šterna

Food technology expert

Cooperation with food technologists in development of new products  using unique qualities of the Kornelija variety


Solvita Survillo

B2B Expert

Communication with seed growers and farmers